By sketching with light, I record the emotion of that one moment.


From 1 minute 11, I’m shown as a jury member of the Bridal Photo Award


I want to make people happy by recording the emotion in such a way that the feeling of the moment comes back when you look at it.

For a photo shoot, the technique has to be 100%. With 22 years of experience, that’s guaranteed. But even more important is the vision. What is in and out of the frame? What about light and composition?

And: How do you get along with people? Because only in a tense situation do character and personality come maximally into their own.

You and your photo shoot get all the attention that you deserve.
My photography is for people who consciously dare to choose it.

This is the only way to increase the “Art of Yourself.”

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  • Since 1992, experience with more than 500 bridal shots and 1000s of portraits.
  • A lot of experience with working under time pressure with tense people.
  • Assignments for Philips, Philips, Dietsmann, Dockwise, Schwarzkopf, Hertel, Rowij, Renault, VVD, Embraer.
  • Exclusive locations like Wolfslaar Estate in Breda, De Hooge Vuursche in Baarn,
    Voorlinden Estate in Wassenaar or Te Werve in Rijswijk inspire me as a (bridal) photographer.
  • International experience, e.g. in Russia, Nigeria, Congo, Belgium, Germany, Italy & France.
  • Seminars given in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands for Professional Imaging,
    Fotowerkstatt, Beeldcentrum, the Fotovakschool and privately.
  • Exhibitions at Millionaire Fair Amsterdam in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011.
  • Good command of Dutch, English and German, familiar with French, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Publications and interviews in many (professional) publications such as PF professional photography, Miljonair, De Fotograaf, High Profile, Living in Style, Bruid & Bruidegom, Trouwen, BN DeStem, etc.
  • Founder and co-owner of Foto’s & Friends.
  • Jury member Bridal Photo Award 2014.
  • Founder of
  • Founder


I made this self-portrait in 2007. The contemplative “looking around the corner” suits me. And because the English Queen has been on her stamps for decades, I’m going to just keep using this photo as well. :)